Top 5 Common Reasons Why Schengen Visa Gets Rejected

Your Schengen visa application can get rejected for various reasons - a dummy itinerary for visa is one of them. In this article, our experts have documented the top reasons that can result in the rejection of your Schengen visa application. 

Let’s go through them one by one. 

Insufficient financial means: Visa officers may reject your Schengen visa application because of insufficient financial means if the applicant cannot demonstrate that they have enough money to support themselves during their trip to the Schengen area. This is because the consulate wants to ensure that the applicant will not become a burden on the country's welfare system during their stay.

To address this issue, the applicant can provide proof of sufficient financial means, such as:

  1. Bank statements: The applicant can provide bank statements that show they have enough money in their account to cover the expenses of their trip.
  2. Sponsorship: If someone else is covering the expenses for the applicant's trip, the applicant can provide a letter of sponsorship from that person, along with their bank statements.
  3. Employment: if the applicant has a stable and regular income, the applicant can provide documents such as salary slips, employment contracts, and proof of leave from the employer.
  4. Income Tax Returns or other proof of income: These documents can demonstrate that the applicant has a stable and regular income.

It's a good idea to consult the embassy's website or call them to understand their specific requirements. and also to be prepared to demonstrate additional financial support than what is required in the application.

Lack Of Purpose Or Insufficient Information

A visa officer can reject your visa because of a lack of information if the applicant does not provide enough details or does not clearly explain the purpose of their trip. This can happen when the applicant does not fill out the application form correctly, does not provide all the required documents, or does not answer the consular's questions satisfactorily.

To avoid this issue and increase the chances of success, the applicant should:

  • Fill out the application form correctly and completely, including all the relevant information and answering all the questions.
  • Provide all the required documents, such as a valid passport, travel itinerary, proof of financial means, and a letter of invitation, if applicable.
  • Give clear and detailed answers to the consular's questions, including the purpose of the trip, the duration of stay, and the itinerary while in Schengen Area.
  • Provide additional supporting documents if required, such as proof of accommodation, proof of flight reservation Schengen flight reservation visa, and any other relevant information.
  • To be honest and consistent in your application, providing false information or hiding information can lead to rejection and also a ban for future applications.
  • It's also good to double-check the application and the required documents before submitting, and also to have contact with the embassy/consulate if in doubt, to have a clear understanding of the information that is missing and how you resubmit the same.

Previously denied entry or overstayed: If visa officers have previously denied you entry in the Schengen Area, or if you have overstayed your visa in the past, the visa officer may reject your application.

Fake Dummy Itinerary For Visa

Authorities will reject a Schengen visa application if they suspect that the itinerary submitted with the application is fake. This is because the verifiable dummy itinerary for the visa demonstrates the applicant's travel plans and purpose of travel, and if authorities sense it is false or misleading, they may consider it a violation of the visa requirements.

To avoid this issue, it is important to submit a detailed and accurate itinerary also known as a verifiable dummy itinerary for visa that shows your planned activities and accommodations during your trip. This can include flight reservations, hotel bookings, and any tours or events you plan to attend.

It is also important to ensure that the itinerary matches the information provided in the rest of your visa application and that all of the documents submitted with the application are genuine and authorities can verify them.

Therefore, to get your Schengen Visa application approved on the first attempt, always attach a verifiable dummy itinerary for the visa

Inadequate Accommodation 

A visa officer can reject your application because of inadequate accommodation. The purpose of the visa application process is to determine whether the applicant has a valid reason for entering the country and whether they have the means to support themselves during their stay.

If the applicant cannot provide evidence of adequate accommodation, visa officers consider it a red flag as it shows you will not be able to support yourself and may become a public charge.

To address this issue, the applicant should provide evidence of their accommodation arrangements, such as a hotel reservation or a letter of invitation from a host who is able to provide them with a place to stay. If the applicant will be staying with friends or family, they should provide contact information for the host and details about the accommodation, such as the address and size of the property.

Additionally, if the applicant will be renting or purchasing a property, they should provide proof of ownership or a rental agreement. If it's a business trip, you can use a company’s letter as proof of accommodation.

It's also important to note that providing more information, such as a bank statement, and proof of employment, can show the visa officer that the applicant has the financial means to support themselves and pay for the accommodation during their stay.

It is best to consult with a visa lawyer or the embassy where you plan to apply to know what specific documents you need to submit with your visa application.

These are common reasons, but it's not exhaustive. Visa officers can reject your Schengen visa application for many different reasons, and some countries might also have their own specific requirements or restrictions.

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