9 WordPress business site Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Do you want to use artificial wordpress development services intelligence and machine literacy technology in your WordPress site?

Many WordPress plugins use AI and machine literacy to offer smarter features. There is a possibility that you can use one of these plugins on your site. wordpress development services In this blog, we will take part in some stylish WordPress plugins that use artificial intelligence and machine literacy.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

still, you should also hear the word artificial intelligence or machine learning mentioned if you follow the news. wordpress development services Artificial intelligence and machine literacy are computer technologies that provide smarter results for computer bias, applications, GPS bias, smart TV, front backing bias, and more.

Artificial intelligence gives computer programs the ability to make choices without mortal intelligence. wordpress plugin development services Machine literacy helps software learn from gestures, data, and user exertion to improve artificial intelligence and make better choices. The technology allows inventors to automate tasks that would normally require mortal intelligence.

What can Artificial Intelligence do for WordPress business boards?

It can give you a smarter and better user experience for your meds. To illustrate, it can add WordPress hunting, alphabet, and style checks, share affiliate content, fix transformations, improve eCommerce offers, and more.

Your website becomes smarter, faster, and more reliable for your medicines. wordpress development services This saves time that allows you to do other things to grow your business. So, let's take a look at WordPress plugins that use AI and machine literacy.


Akismet is one of the two pre-installed plugins on every WordPress website. It uses artificial intelligence and machine literacy to identify spam comments.

Used by millions of websites, Akismet has gotten better at filtering out almost all spam sent by bots. custom wordpress development It can also describe spam comments sent manually by factual medicine by learning from miscalculations and feting patterns on millions of websites.


Website Voice is a free WordPress plugin that converts textbook content into high-quality audio. custom wordpress development services

 This helps to increase the user's engagement and save time for drugs to listen to the newspaper while they are busy with other routine work.

You need a website reminder to pull the text-to-speech option at your site. These reminders are originally free, but you will need to upgrade to the decoration plan to continue using the service.


The most famous WordPress plugin is Grammarly. It's an alphabet checker with artificial intelligence that analyzes the readability of your content to help you write better.

It supports English, British, Canadian, and Australian languages. bespoke wordpress development It is also available as a Google Chrome extension as a volition for the Jet Pack module.

Curator of Curated Content

My Curator is a no-nonsense content curation service. It allows you to add an artificial intelligence-powered content aggregator, which shows you content that matches named motifs and improves results by learning from what you add or bounce.

You can produce a curated content section on your website at a very affordable cost to your followers. wordpress web development services You can add your favorite composition to your website with an extract and a link back to the source.


Chat Bot provides an AI-powered virtual conversion agent for your website. wordpress development services It uses machine learning to enhance the live chat experience and provide accurate responses.

You need to register a free account on the plugin website. After that, it will start learning when you use it. wordpress design and development services You can also teach them what to say and how to respond to users' requests. This can be useful in keeping addicts on your website and attracting new leads.


Image SEO is a free WordPress image optimization plugin. It uses artificial intelligence to optimize text and image alt titles to grow your organic business.

The plugin also creates social maps for Twitter, Facebook, and channels. After running the plugin, you can upload an image to your WordPress website and Image SEO will automatically write a name, title, and label for the image. It works smoothly when downloading single and multiple images.


Breinify is a service that collects customer information outside of a single website. Using artificial intelligence, the goal is to learn more about the addict based on the other WordPress sites they visit.

This information will help you better understand the type of motive you like. At the same time, Brainify shows the real situation that gives you your thoughts.

Unfortunately, the WordPress plugin has been discontinued for a long time, but the service still exists.

After the deadline

This plugin is part of Jetpack. A contextual AI-based spell checker is provided after the deadline. It not only finds mistakes in your writing but also gives intelligent suggestions to improve your language. 

To illustrate, At D can describe misused words, stylistic crimes, clichés, biased language, and more. Moreover, it really explains the crime for you.

Once installed, simply activate it in the WordPress editor. If you do this, the plugin will display spelling errors in red, alphabet miscalculations in green, and style suggestions outlined in blue.

Google Language Translator

Google Language Translator allows your addicts to fluently rephrase your website content without creating a multilingual WordPress hotspot. It brings AI and Google's machine learning engine to your WordPress site. You can only choose the language you want to display on your site. After that, you can add a translator to your site using a sidebar widget or shortcode.


We hope you like this blog. wordpress development services These are all Plugins for WordPress business sites that are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. If you are looking for Custom Web Application Development services and want to develop the soundest sites then contact 8therate.